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Healthy Vending

Healthy Vending San Antonio Texas

READYSNACKS, LLC. is leading the way in incorporating Healthy Vending convenience for our clients. We listen to and work with each client to customize a desired Healthy Vending program to meet their ever-changing needs.

READYSNACKS, LLC. provides our clients with fresh foods and low sugar, fewer calories, and less sodium, fat and cholesterol products into your vending program while making healthy vending convenient and customizable.

Having healthy snacks as a regular part of your vending options can have a very positive impact on your organization. Your staff will feel better, work harder, and you could spend far less on sick time and missed days.

We work with the City of San Antonio’s guidelines along with current state and federal nutrition requirements to ensure that healthy vending needs are being met. We care about what it takes to serve the education sector and stay informed to provide our customers with quality, healthy choices.

We are careful to stock these machines with a solid balance of traditional and healthy premium snacks, foods and beverages.

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